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How Humans Began Cooking

This is quite an interesting topic. Do you know that humans are the only animals that consistently cook their foods? This characteristic is inherent in every culture all over the world, from the most developed country in Scandinavia to the most primitive tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest. But when was this trend developed, and [...]

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The Ever-Changing Dynamics of the Doctoral Degree

The doctoral degree; for many of you reading this, it's the 'light at the end of the tunnel', an achievement that far outweighs the incredible stress and strain of having very little sleep, and even less of a social life. In a world that is increasingly starved of experienced and qualified talent, it is rewarding [...]

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Why Sexual Abuse Is So Prevalent In Worldwide Universities

Universities in South Africa suffer from an unusually high rate of sexual abuse and sexual assault. However, there is a global of trend regarding cases of sexual abuse within all universities. Students at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada decided that they would study sexual abuse within universities worldwide, and come to a conclusion as [...]

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Do Self-Driving Cars Have A Future In South Africa?

The pessimists among us will likely say no, followed by a mumbling "taxi drivers would have a thing or two to say about that". But many amongst us are hopeful, positive even! Could you imagine self-driving cars zooming about Andries Potgieter Boulevard? According to the Automative Future Now Report, a document outlining the study fielded [...]

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5 Ways To Make Friends In Uni!

We thought we'd compile a short list of ways you can get in touch with some of the guys and gals around you in varsity. As a research faculty we've been around campuses enough to realise how isolated a student or researcher can feel when he/she is not socialising, and before you say 'hey, this [...]

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Dropping Out

We're well past the midyear point, and with the second-semester heating up a lot of students both undergrad and postgrad are feeling the pressure and stresses associated with their degrees. Whether the workload is too heavy, or you are struggling to grasp the concepts within a particular field of study, those of you that are [...]

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Is There A Need For Venture Creation In Universities?

Higher education graduates the world over are feeling the pinch once entering the job market after receiving their degrees. Often graduates find that their areas of expertise are somewhat too specialised, or impractical for real world application. This is an undeniable problem that both universities, as well as academic communities, need to grasp. Is there a need [...]

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Flying Without Fuel: Solar Impulse

On the 2nd of August, 2016, a plane touched down at an airport in Abu Dhabi. The same plane last took off from this particular airport in March 2015. Since then it has been flying around the world, one stretch at a time. It doesn't sound too remarkable apart from the fact that this plane, the [...]

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Why The Rise In Student Protests Worldwide?

This is a touchy subject, and is open to a number of contradicting viewpoints and ideas, but the fact remains that there is an increasing amount of student protest around the world, most notably in South Africa. The reasons for student protest around the globe vary, however, modern protest movements in South Africa and the [...]

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Is Global Basic Income Possible?

There's been a theory flying around the financial and economic world that may affect all of our futures and careers if practiced. It is called the Helicopter Money Theory, and it goes something like this; there's a little town with a steadily growing population, and while the local money press keeps printing money, there are [...]

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