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South Africa’s First Climate Change Court Case: Verdict and Significance

South Africa's First Climate Change Court Case: Verdict and Significance On the 8th of March, 2017, South Africa bore witness to its first ever court case concerning climate change when Earthlife Africa (ELA) challenged the construction of a new coal-fuelled power station on the basis that the climate change impacts of the proposed power station [...]

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5 Areas of Study Where You’re Guaranteed a Job in the Future

5 Areas of Study Where You're Guaranteed a Job in the Future Schumpeter’s theory of creative destruction is more relevant today than ever before, with technology and a changing environment set to render a number of traditional careers redundant. However, although the destruction of the commercial viability of certain jobs is inevitable, other careers are [...]

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Reaching Out – Effective Citizenship in Action

Reaching Out - Effective Citizenship in Action As a student or academic researcher, it is often easy to focus only on the work at hand and ignore the world moving around you. However, every now and again a tragedy will occur that will bring one’s civic duty into stark focus. One such example arose out [...]

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What is Globalisation and Why is it Important?

What is Globalisation and Why is it Important? Globalisation is a pervasive phenomenon that has infiltrated nearly every facet of public life, from the educational curriculum to fast food chains, the effects of globalisation are inescapable. What is globalisation and why has it become so important? ‘Globalisation’ is a catchall term used to describe the [...]

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5 Ways to Make Yourself Immediately Hireable

Although the skills and attributes required to land a job naturally differ depending on an individual’s preferred career, there are some general steps that every prospective employee can take to all but cement their spot in the job market. Cover Your Bases In the last decade, modern employers have hurtled full tilt into the digital [...]

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The Cost of Mobile Data in South Africa – A Hindrance or an Opportunity?

The cost of mobile data in South Africa has been the subject of much scrutiny of late, with movements such as #DataMustFall fiercely campaigning for a reduction in these fees. Currently, South Africa has the fourth most expensive data in Africa while it places second when compared to its developing world counterparts. In addition to [...]

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What is Human Capacity Development and Why is it Important?

Human capacity development can be defined as the process of systematically upskilling individuals in order to benefit society as a whole. This is accomplished as, once a person has been trained and educated, they move out into their respective society and create economic, social and institutional value. In the context of South Africa, human capacity [...]

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How Humans Began Cooking

This is quite an interesting topic. Do you know that humans are the only animals that consistently cook their foods? This characteristic is inherent in every culture all over the world, from the most developed country in Scandinavia to the most primitive tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest. But when was this trend developed, and [...]

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The Ever-Changing Dynamics of the Doctoral Degree

The doctoral degree; for many of you reading this, it's the 'light at the end of the tunnel', an achievement that far outweighs the incredible stress and strain of having very little sleep, and even less of a social life. In a world that is increasingly starved of experienced and qualified talent, it is rewarding [...]

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Why Sexual Abuse Is So Prevalent In Worldwide Universities

Universities in South Africa suffer from an unusually high rate of sexual abuse and sexual assault. However, there is a global of trend regarding cases of sexual abuse within all universities. Students at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada decided that they would study sexual abuse within universities worldwide, and come to a conclusion as [...]

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