Students train in Namibia and Germany

Tintswalo Mabuza The Vaal University of Technology is proudly managing the Energy and Resource Efficiency advancements project under the Skills for Green Jobs. This project started in February 2016 wherein VUT committed to building the new Combined Heat and Power (CHP), and Dual Fuel technological capability within the VUT Technology Station based on the existing [...]

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Fighting all forms of illegal gambling

Selina Rapulane On 23 May the Vaal University of Technology Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park was honoured with a second visit as a spin-off from the Premier’s office by the Gauteng Gambling Board as arranged by Ms Anne Naidu; VUT’s Communications Practitioner at the Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park. Mr Hugh Makhaya, from [...]

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Taking technology to township schools

Anne Naidu The Vaal University of Technology and the Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park (VUT SGSTP) wishes to extend an invitation to you to join us in launching the I2P® Labs at Lebohang Secondary School and Thuto Lore Comprehensive School on 31 May 2017. The I2P® Lab (abbreviated from Idea 2 Product Laboratory), is [...]

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Graphene-based sieve turns seawater into drinking water

British researchers, lead by Rahul Nair, at the University of Manchester, have discovered a way of efficient desalination by creating a graphene-based sieve that is capable of removing salt from sea water. The graphene sieve has left seawater fresh to drink. Climate change is wreaking havoc on the world’s urban water supplies. With already rising [...]

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AI and the future of recruitment

Humans are highly intelligent but inherently lazy. It’s why throughout history man has used his mind and capacity to make those around him slaves (Kumar, 2008). Human endeavours have consistently been directed to make man’s tasks less laborious. We’ve achieved this through developing techniques and using means which replace man from doing his duties which [...]

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How to make sure your CV reflects who you are

As a recent or soon-to-be graduate, you’re probably gearing up to find the research job of your dreams. With all the steps involved in that process, it’s easy to overlook one important thing - how your CV is written. Standing out from the crowd No matter how good your research is, or how many innovative [...]

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6 things to expect starting out as a researcher

The transition from university lab sessions to a full-blown research environment can be challenging for newly-graduated scientists. Adapting to the pace and requirements of a new lab, while meeting your supervisor’s expectations, can be daunting - but with the right preparation, you’ll be able to adapt and make the transition with ease. Here are six [...]

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What are sustainable livelihoods and how do they reduce poverty?

Despite education, democracy, and advances in technology, poor communities around the world continue to experience significant challenges, especially in less-developed rural communities. After decades of intervention by governments, NGOs and academic research projects, the successes and failures of rural development have resulted in a holistic system that aims to empower poor communities - the sustainable [...]

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Top Green Tech Trends for 2017

The development of green technology has reached levels that were unimaginable a decade or two ago - but what lies in store for the sector in 2017? Here are some of the most important emerging trends. Power storage, smart homes, and solar energy Three broad categories of innovative green products are making their presence felt [...]

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10 Fail-Safe Interview Tips

The dreaded interview process is a gauntlet that must be run by every graduate. Although the process is undoubtedly daunting, there are some substantive steps that all candidates can take to give themselves an advantage over their peers. Know the Business - The candidate who knows the employer’s website backwards and forward is likely to [...]

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