What Makes a Great Creative Director?



What makes a great creative director?

Many students at VUT are lucky enough to be studying a research degree in the arts. From Hospitality to Multimedia we offer a number of courses that gets researchers’ creative juices flowing. Many students of the arts will enter the field expecting to create, invent and discover, helping businesses achieve in the way of new grounds and development.

However, through years of experience, some will become Creative Directors. This position involves overseeing the creative process from start to finish in any number of fields where a creative collaboration of people is necessary for the end product. The job requires hard work, inventiveness, a keen eye for innovation and the ability to carry projects […]

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Renewable Plastics


CO2 and inedible plant material for Renewable Plastics.

The problem that now exists is trying to find an affordable way of producing FDCA. One way this can be done is by using corn syrup, a process that requires a lot of land and energy, which in turn would be unsustainable despite investment by businesses like Coca-Cola.

With enough funding and an alternative method of creating PEF other than corn syrup, the sustainable and environmentally friendly plastic may just become a commercial reality. Scientists are working on incorporating furfural in the production chain. Furfal is otherwise known as agricultural waste, and when heated alongside carbon and pressurized CO2 the result is a molten salt that converts into FDCA.


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The Need for Technology in African Schools


The Need for Technology in African Schools

Last year was the first year in which a number of schools in the Gauteng area in South Africa began a year without books, pens, pencils and exam pads. Instead, children would work off wireless, mobile tablets, facilitating the inauguration of the first smart schools in the country. Access to all educational content is made available via school-wide wifi coverage, and children are taught all subjects through their mobile devices.

This much-needed change helps to satisfy the need for technology in South African schools. South Africa needs to step-up the technological migration if they hope to contend with the educational systems of other developing/BRICS countries. Additionally, the migration […]

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