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Monkeying around with cloning


Monkeying around with cloning When it comes to successful cloning, the first and therefore most infamous example to come to mind is Dolly the sheep, who made headlines in 1997. Dolly was born on the 5th of July at the Roslin Institute in Scotland. She was a genetic copy or clone, of a six-year old Finn Dorset ewe. Dolly’s existence was kept a secret for almost a year until February 1997 due to the restrictions put in place because of the patent application process behind her cloning. The cloning process that resulted in Dolly sparked a mass ethical debate across all sectors [...]

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Got Milk?


Got Milk? With an ever growing demand for dairy-free milk alternatives and substitutes, scientists have widened their net of sources for such a substance. These include the popular nut, legume and plant based alternatives such as soy and almond milk as well as rice, flax, oatmeal, peanut, pea, quinoa, cashew and coconut milk to name a few. As of 2017, almond milk has gained the title of “America’s favourite plant based milk” (Huffington Post, 2017). It is estimated to be a $738 million business, with it far superseding the previously popular soy milk alternative. Although vegan and vegetarian consumers make up a [...]

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Superb South African Inventions


Superb South African Inventions South Africa is known for many things such as its wildlife, diverse and scenic landscapes, its eleven official languages, and its diverse cuisines and cultures. However, it’s also home to the little-known inventors of some of the most innovative inventions that are utilised and recognised internationally. One of the most famous examples is, of course, the world’s first ever heart transplant which was performed by Dr. Christian Barnard in Cape Town in 1967, a revolutionary surgical procedure that transformed the cardio-thoracic landscape. He later went on to perform another 10 heart transplants, drastically improving the quality [...]

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