Maddening Misophonia


Maddening Misophonia

Crunching, slurping, chewing, coughing, chomping, gulping and even breathing loudly are just some of a plethora of onomatopoeia that can trigger a feeling of anger and intense annoyance at the source of the maddening sound. These sounds can be enough to make your blood boil, but you can take comfort in the fact that you are far from alone in these sentiments. However, what it does mean though is that you are one of many people who suffer from a disorder and “genuine brain abnormality” termed misophonia; but, what does this mean? Misophonia is a disorder that results in a hatred of sounds such as repetitive clicking, coughing and breathing, and was […]

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The many moons of Jupiter


The many moons of Jupiter

Jupiter is one of the most renowned planets in our solar system, often attributed to the fact that it is also the largest one in the solar system. It is the fifth planet from the sun, and although it is only one-thousandth the size of the sun, it is almost two and a half times bigger than all the other planets in the solar system combined and is therefore classified as a giant planet. To put things into perspective size-wise, it would take eleven Earths to fit across Jupiter’s equator (NASA). In 1979, it was discovered that Jupiter has a faint ring system around it, which means that all […]

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The future of fertility: Three parents, IVG & the CRISPR/Cas9


The future of fertility: Three parents, IVG & the CRISPR/Cas9

It is a generally acknowledged fact that in order for humans to successfully procreate, two different genetic contributors are required to ensure the inheritability of certain genomic traits. These necessary genetic contributions from two ‘parents’ or contributors can occur in multiple; ways both natural or through ‘assisted reproductive technology’ (ART) which includes In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). IVF is the process whereby the female’s egg is extracted, along with a sperm sample from the male contributor. The harvesting of the eggs – a minor surgical procedure, occurs post hormone treatments in which the female’s egg production is stimulated to encourage the production of as many […]

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Groundbreaking disruptive technology collaboration to save the Rhino


Groundbreaking disruptive technology collaboration to save the Rhino

People the world over as well as conservationists are fast becoming desperate and emotions are running high as the Rhino population is nearing extinction resulting from inhumane poaching.  Whilst the innocence of animals in the wildlife are battling the survival of the fittest, other factors on the rise are that humans are becoming avengers, inflicting harm on the unsuspected creatures of the wild for their own gains.

Continents have come together to find solutions to this crisis, whilst in the southernmost tip of Gauteng, South Africa, a group of industrious, diligent and hard-working team of additive manufacturing specialist are collaborating with the Stellenbosch University in an effort […]

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