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The price of a popular pooch


The price of a popular pooch If you’ve ever aspired to own one of the ‘Insta-worthy’ pooches or puppies that saturate social media feeds, then you should probably know that besides some of the most popular breeds’ characteristic high maintenance traits, they are also likely to set you back more than a pretty penny, or two. Instagram and Facebook alike have thousands of pages and profiles dedicated to dog breeds of all shapes, sizes, pedigrees and of course the inherent price tag based on the breed. While many people are happy to adopt dogs of mixed breeds and origins from [...]

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Vegan Vino


Vegan Vino Vegetarianism as a diet and as a lifestyle has risen in popularity over the years as an alternative to meat and fish based diets. A vegetarian typically subsists on a diet of non-meat based proteins and vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts. The vegetarian diet is not entirely without its animal by-products as most often also consume eggs and dairy-based products. Being vegetarian and vegetarianism first made its appearance in 1839 and fruitarian i.e. someone who lives on a diet sustained by fruit in 1893 (Merriam-Webster). There are also pescatarians, a term which was first acknowledged in 1993 and [...]

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Asgardia: More than just Marvel


Asgardia: More than just Marvel What comes to mind when you hear the word Asgard or Asgardia? For most, it will undoubtedly be the central kingdom based in outer space that is portrayed in Marvel’s The Avengers series of movies. The kingdom of Asgard plays a prominent role as the home of origin for the God of Thunder: Thor, and his brother – the God of Mischief, Loki. The kingdom portrayed in the Marvel super-hero series is based on Norse religion and mythology. Asgard or Asgardia is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythologies and is home to the [...]

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