Sniffing out malaria one parasite at a time


Sniffing out malaria one parasite at a time

Dogs aka ‘man’s best friend’ are known and loved for many of their furry characteristics. They are employed in multiple service-based industries for their ability to be trained to perform specific tasks upon command, for protection and particularly for their keen sense of smell. Dogs are also used widely as aids for the blind as well as those who are physically and mentally handicapped. Due to their ‘sniffing’ capabilities, dogs are commonly used in the police force, military and in airports – industries that capitalise particularly on their sense of smell. Dogs are used to sniff out hidden illegal substances on a daily basis.

Now […]

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The Problem with Palm Oil


The Problem with Palm Oil

Palm oil is derived from the palm tree, which is only grown in tropical areas. The oil, which is usually of a high-quality produced from these trees is predominantly utilised for cooking in developing countries. However, that being said – palm oil can be found in many other unexpected everyday products. These include food products, cosmetics, detergents and more. Palm oil’s popularity lies in its continuously high yielding crops – much more so than other frequently used vegetable oils, and at a lower cost – making it even more popular. Palm tree plantations are especially prevalent in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with its global demand increasing exponentially. According […]

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Black Friday and its black mark on the environment


Black Friday and its black mark on the environment

Black Friday is an annual sale-filled shopping bonanza that occurs the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. It is a day filled with extreme price cuts and even more extreme shopper behaviour. The sale kicks off just after midnight and runs for the duration of the day. You will be hard pressed to find a store, whether bricks-and-mortar, or online that doesn’t participate in Black Friday. However, although Black Friday’s origins lie in the U.S., the holiday has also infiltrated the United Kingdom as well as South Africa. Holiday shoppers capitalise on Black Friday’s deals which often run into the weekend until ‘Cyber Monday’ when […]

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