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1 Million Species Facing Extinction


1 Million Species Facing Extinction The world is currently facing the largest possible extinction across species to date. According to a new United Nations report on ecosystems and biodiversity, the rate at which these species are likely to become extinct is ‘unprecedented’ and is accelerating rapidly. The latest extinction statistics were recently released in a “landmark” new report compiled by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The report contains extensive research and data and was a collaborative compilation done by 145 expert authors from fifty countries with further input from another 310 contributing authors across the [...]

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The Cash in Cannabis


The Cash in Cannabis Cannabis, once one of the most “cultivated, trafficked and widely abused illicit drug[s]” (WHO) in the world, is now no longer viewed as just that, but rather as a potentially lucrative and high-yielding agricultural industry on its own. The expected worldwide trajectory of legal marijuana and cannabis growth could be worth approximately $194 billion in seven years according to 2018’s BMO report. The projected industry worth is largely dependent on the legalisation of marijuana in both the United States as well as all 28 countries in the European Union – and would have to include the [...]

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Militant Mammals


Militant MammalsThe use of animals in service based industries such as the military, the navy, police forces, airport security and many more is a relatively common practice. However the animals employed in the militia are a far cry from the furry compatriots we associate with the police force or airport security – both of which predominantly use dogs.  The military in particular has an interesting history of animal use and employment for a multitude of services – most of which predated the introduction of modern technology and machinery. Over the course of history, these have included dogs, cats, pigeons, pigs, horses, [...]

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