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Amazon Alight


Amazon Alight The Amazon is burning, and not for the first time. At this very moment there are an estimated 93,000 fires burning in the Brazilian Amazon. This is a significant increase, a 60% increase in fact from those recorded at the same time last year. It is also the highest number of active fires recorded in the Amazon since 2010 (National Geographic, 2019). According to the Global Fire Data Organisation, the Amazon’s fire season which affects mainly the southern Amazon region, runs from June to November, with its “peak burning activity in September along the eastern and southern Amazon [...]

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South Africa’s War on Women


South Africa’s War on Women In the wake of what has been a horrendously ironic, eye opening and devastating Women’s Month in South Africa, the country has been left reeling after a scourge in gender based violence. The month of August in South Africa is meant to be one used to celebrate the women in our country, but instead as the statistics and continuous stream of news just this month alone has shown, has been used to decimate them instead. Uyinene Mrwetyana, Janika Mallo, Meghan Cremer, Jesse Hess and Leighandre “Baby Lee” Jegels are just a few of the names [...]

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The buzz about blood types


The buzz about blood types Have you ever wondered why you might be covered in mosquito bites, but the person next to you remains untouched? Why do some people get bitten more than others, is it purely coincidence and chance, or is there something more behind the bite? Well, as it turns out – there may be a more scientific reasoning behind a person’s propensity to be bitten by mosquitoes. It is very likely that if you are the ‘chosen’ one in your family or friendship group – then you are being particularly targeted by the female mosquito. The female [...]

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