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Budgeting in 2020 – how to survive Janu-Worry and beyond


Budgeting in 2020 – how to survive Janu-Worry and beyond The January blues are a feeling experienced by most after the December break. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the festivities enjoyed in the last month of the year generally come at a price in more ways than one, and can leave our wallets substantially lighter while our bodies might not feel the same.  It’s easy to overspend in the months leading up to the December break, and as we all know – January or rather Janu-Worry as its come to be known, can feel like the longest month of [...]

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Sweet Resolutions #90DaysWithoutSugar


Sweet Resolutions #90DaysWithoutSugar With the start of the New Year comes the inevitable wave of New Year’s resolutions. Some of these include ‘Dry January’ in which people give up drinking alcoholic beverages for the duration of January, or perhaps a digital detox  is in order after a month of posting ‘Ke Dezemba’s highlights on the ‘Gram. Most New Year’s resolutions though revolve around diets, fasting, sleep, budgeting and exercise in order to start off the year in a healthier way than we finished the last. New Year’s resolutions are often ambitious and unfortunately have a high failure rate as most [...]

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The fire down under


The Fire Down Under As we enter a new decade we do so with much anticipation for what it may hold. However, unfortunately some of last decade’s climate catastrophes have followed us into the new decade. The most overtly devastating and damaging currently of course is Australia’s apocalyptic bushfires which have been burning since the mid to backend of 2019. Australia, like many countries that lie in the southern hemisphere, is no stranger to bushfires as they occur annually, however this season has undoubtedly been worse than any experienced previously, and with the annual bushfire or wildfire season as its [...]

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