A Pangolin Pandemic


A Pangolin Pandemic

With the ensuing COVID-19 chaos, and with the virus permeating every form of news and media outlet, it’s become impossible to ignore. With the advent of any new disease or virus, an in-depth investigation needs to be carried out in order to effectively treat it, not only on a symptomatic level but a vaccination need to be developed too – which entails a certain level of understanding about the origins of the virus too. As has been largely publicised, COVID-19 is what is known as a coronavirus which by definition is a zoonotic virus. This in turn means that the virus’ origins lie in pathogens found on animals that are then passed onto […]

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Just Roll With It: Life before toilet paper


Just Roll With It: Life before toilet paper

Its times like these that help us appreciate the little things in life or at the very least – think about them a little differently or with a fresh perspective. I know that we may be feeling sick to death (definitely no pun intended) of hearing about COVID-19 and the effects of living in times of self-isolation, lockdown and uncertainty, however it undeniably affects us all – and in different ways. Unsurprisingly, pandemics have a way of inspiring a certain amount of panic that manifests in different ways across the world.  However, there are certain trends that have manifested themselves in the human behaviour that can be seen […]

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The world’s biggest pandemics before COVID-19


The world’s biggest pandemics before COVID-19

With everything that’s happening in the world right now, and with the news constantly bombarding us with new statistics and daily, minute-by-minute updates about COVID-19, it’s almost hard to imagine that this is not the world’s first pandemic. With over a million people currently infected and the rate of infection rising by the day, it may feel as if it’s never going to end, and with entire countries on lockdown for weeks and months on end except for essential services, it’s also hard to believe that this is not the biggest pandemic the world has ever witnessed.

A pandemic, is a disease, or in the case of COVID-19, a virus that […]

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