The Fuss about 5G


The fuss about 5G

First it was 2G the OG (‘Original Gangster’ / ‘Day One’) followed by 3G, then 4G arrived on the scene and now we have 5G – expected to be the ‘Fast & Furious’ equivalent of a mobile network, which sounds great in theory – but what does it actually all mean, where can we get it, and perhaps most importantly right now – what’s it going to cost us? Well, first things first let’s break down exactly what 5G means and why it makes a difference. 5G is an abbreviation for fifth-generation wireless and is the latest “iteration” of cellular technology. This next generation of wireless technology is designed and engineered to […]

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Finding pandemic clues in poo


Finding pandemic clues in poo

A new method of disease detection may be in the works for COVID-19, and from an unlikely source, as it involves getting down and dirty. Researchers at the Australian National University have discovered that traces of COVID-19 can be detected through an infected person’s excrement before they start to exhibit other, more definitive flu-like symptoms. This provides an interesting alternative method of early detection that does not necessarily entail getting up close and personal with a potentially infected person, but rather shifts the focus to the rougher end of the stick. The idea behind this detection method is to establish areas or communities that have a high prevalence of the virus […]

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Zooming In on the social network of the pandemic


Zooming In on the social network of the pandemic

The digital transformation has unarguably been amplified by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has necessitated the fast-paced development, updates and upgrades of new and existing digital technology. With a large percentage of the world currently under lockdown, curfew or restricted movement – many people are now working from home (#WFH), with children being home-schooled and students participating in online lectures and seminars, there has never been a greater need for digital technology to ensure that all of the above is possible and sustainable. With people spending hours and hours in front of a screen, whether it be a mobile, desktop or television screen, the […]

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