Much to-do about WhatsApp



Much to-do about WhatsApp

By now it’s safe to assume that most of the world has heard about the upcoming updates to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. The news has sent many into a tizzy because of the ramifications this will have in terms of access to the App as well as what the App can and is likely to do with all the additional information that it will be tracking from a user perspective. This change in WhatsApp’s terms of service and privacy policy provides users with an ultimatum – you either agree with the updated terms of service and use, or you will no longer have access to the App. This will come into effect mid-February, therefore […]

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501Y.V2 – the latest COVID-19 kid on the block



501Y.V2 – the latest COVID-19 kid on the block

Gone are the days where our referrals to ‘Mutants’ and ‘mutations’ were mostly applicable to the fiction or sci-fi film genre. Nowadays when we speak about mutations and mutants, it is unfortunately COVID related. Over the last two months, there have been a few variants of the current COVID-19 virus that have been detected across the world. The World Health Organisation is the main entity that these variations of the COVID-19 strain are reported to as they “routinely assesses if variants of SARS-CoV-2 result in changes in transmissibility, clinical presentation and severity, or if they impact on countermeasures, including diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.” One of the mutations responsible […]

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The rise of a new generation of influencers – a computer generated generation



The rise of a new generation of influencers – a computer generated generation

Virtual influencers are not the result of the current COVID-19 climate; they were trending long before that. However that being said, while humans are quite literally locked up in lockdown, the same limitations cannot be placed on influencers that are computer generated. Imma and Seraphine are two such influencers, but how do they qualify as influencers if they are not human? Imma is Japan’s first virtual model and was created by the company AWW. Like any influencer, Imma’s social media following across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Weibo, Zepeto and Douyin is impressive and substantial. Imma’s online presence is not limited to social media however, […]

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