Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown – Practical and ethical considerations



Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown – Practical and ethical considerations

How can qualitative researchers collect data during social-distancing measures? Adam Jowett outlines several techniques researchers can use to collect data without face-to-face contact with participants. Bringing together a number of previous studies, he also suggests such techniques have their own methodological advantages and disadvantages and that while these techniques may appear particularly apt during the coronavirus crisis, researchers should take time to reflect on ethical issues before re-designing their studies READ MORE

Adam Jowett

April 20th, 2020  

Carrying out qualitative research under lockdown – Practical and ethical considerations2021-03-23T11:24:10+02:00

Birdwatch has its eye on you



Birdwatch has its eye on you

Misinformation is rife across social media (and the internet as a whole), and it’s something that’s arguably been exacerbated by Covid-19 and our reliance on social and digital sources of news. However, as you well know – just because it’s on social media or the internet, doesn’t mean that it’s true, accurate or factual in anyway. So how are social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram coming to the party in order to ensure that they are contributing positively to the eradication of misinformation, rather than purely providing a platform for it to flourish uninhibited?

Twitter is one of the world’s most well utilised social networking sites, defined by its ‘blow-by-blow’ […]

Birdwatch has its eye on you2021-03-11T12:05:14+02:00

The ‘right to disconnect’ from your emails



The ‘right to disconnect’ from your emails

E-mails have become synonymous with the workplace, with our definition of productivity, and as of late, a meaningful way to engage, communicate or collaborate with colleagues and clients alike. It has also become a metric in terms of how we quantify our levels of productivity as well as ensuring that our respective bosses are able to see ‘just how busy’ we really are. But, is this a true indication of all of these things, or is it just a way to quell any feelings of work place inadequacies, or a way to avoid the phone while still connecting with others? It’s hard to imagine a time before emails, or an […]

The ‘right to disconnect’ from your emails2021-03-11T11:57:14+02:00

Paying it forward farming-app



Paying it forward farming-app

Covid-19 necessitated rapid digital transformation worldwide with an increased reliance on most digital platforms to enable daily functionalities that used to take place face to face, including the provision of alternative means of communications and product distribution channels in order to ensure COVID compliance accommodate world-wide lockdowns and minimise the risk of spreading the virus as much as possible. Apps also became a way to creatively solve unique problems that the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic presented, some of which originated on home soil to work towards solving some of South Africa’s bigger problems.

One such platform is OneShare Farms which was first introduced in November last year and is the product of an […]

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