Is there a fifth force of nature?



Is there a fifth force of nature?

Up until now, there have been four clearly defined forces of nature, namely: Gravity, the weak force, electromagnetism and the strong force. Essentially these are the forces that govern all that happens in the universe as physical forces form a part of every action that we perform. If we break them down, gravity is probably the term that we come across the most often and therefore is the most familiar as a concept – but how often do we really think about the role gravity plays in our lives every day? To give a quick science lesson recap: Sir Isaac Newton was the first to put forward the idea of […]

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TikTok’s local musician remuneration plan



TikTok’s local musician remuneration plan

Now we all know that royalties in South Africa’s music scene are a contentious issue, especially where the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) is involved. For the creatives in the music industry to capitalize on their hard work – this is how it happens. Music creators are “entitled to royalties” every time their music is played or used. This is how musicians sustainably look to earn an income in addition to the direct and indirect sales of their music or compositions.  Southern African Music Rights Organisation and Composers Authors otherwise known as SAMRO is a local organisation that allows music creators to apply to become members and music users to apply for licenses […]

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Promising Productivity through Pomodoro



Promising Productivity through Pomodoro

A decrease in productivity has been a well-documented pandemic-era side-effect – this may have something to do with the fact that we have spent the past year living in various stages of collective trauma, having all undoubtedly been affected in different ways by COVID-19 and the impact it’s had across the board on a global scale. In an effort to counteract the drop in productivity levels, particularly in those who have had to transition from an office environment to a makeshift ‘coffice’ (coffee-shop office) or home office and all the new and inevitable distractions that tend to come with these.

So what is one to do when the when the distractions creep into view […]

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