Languishing – finally a way to define the feeling of ‘blah’


Languishing – finally a way to define the feeling of ‘blah’

In the last couple of months, have you experienced any feelings or emotions that you find hard to describe, they feed into a potential lack of motivation and a lack of desire to simply ‘get stuff done’? Do things that used to be relatively simple tasks now seem to take significantly more effort to complete due to a waning desire to actually get them done or the inability to concentrate on them fully? It can be hard to describe the exact feelings themselves, or determine what causes them – most have described it as an overwhelming sense of ‘blah’ – a word that is almost as nondescript […]

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Ingenuity takes on Mars


Ingenuity takes on Mars

In another Mars first, NASA has successfully flown a small drone on Mars, granted – the flight was somewhat short lived and actually only lasted for about a minute in total. However, the flight was deemed successful due to the fact that “we can now say that human beings have flown a rotorcraft on another planet” albeit briefly. Since its first flight which set the rotorcraft’s flight capabilities benchmark in mid-April, Ingenuity has since completed an additional two flights over the planet’s surface capturing a selection of images and videos, with each flight pushing it farther.  Unfortunately Ingenuity’s fourth flight did not take place as scheduled due to the fact that the drone was […]

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Effective Emoji’s in the workplace


Effective Emoji’s in the workplace

When last did you send a Whatsapp, post a picture on Instagram, a video on TikTok or post a birthday message on someone’s Facebook profile without popping in a few emoji’s? Sometimes it seems, that our messages are almost entirely comprised of emoji’s – as they have become ingrained in all our digitised forms of messaging and online communication. Emoji’s, as the name suggests are essentially how we convey ‘emotions in symbolic or picture format’ in messages, they can streamline our responses by replacing text with picture acknowledgements and the symbols can become almost idiosyncratic in terms of our communication style and the frequency with which our preferential emoji’s are used.

Before emoji’s […]

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