Auto-translation Ear-buds – not only an African-first, but a world first


Auto-translation Ear-buds – not only an African-first, but a world first

According to Ethnologue, a widely acknowledged linguistic web authority, there are over 7000 spoken languages in the world today, actually 7,139 to be exact. This is a mind boggling figure considering that most of us only grow up to speak one or two, let alone three or more. Just as in the natural world, languages too can become endangered when the communities that speak them or pass them on diminish in size and generationally the language and its lexicon are not passed on to the next generation. Ethnologue notes that nearly 40% of the world’s 7139 languages now classify as endangered, which generally means there are 1000 […]

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Facebook’s ‘Meta-morphosis’


Facebook’s ‘Meta-morphosis’

One of the biggest brand names in the world –Facebook- has made a bold move and opted to rebrand and rename itself Meta. This is as part of the company’s commitment and strategy to build what it calls a ‘metaverse’, which is “composite universe melding online, virtual and augmented worlds that people can seamlessly traverse.” The company now known as Meta boasts a shiny new logo of a slightly off-centre infinity sign, and will be the new umbrella company that all its Apps including Facebook (which will retain its name), Instagram and Whatsapp will all fall under. Why the change many people are asking? As the Facebook name and logo, although having come under fire frequently […]

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African Ambition


African ambitious

Africa is an ambitious continent that is certainly on the rise in many ways. While some economies have stagnated due to the pandemic, there is still a lot of promise for many of Africa’s major cities as these are home to the dominant financial hubs. Multinationals as well as local businesses, organisations and entrepreneurs have invested in the various emerging markets in the hopes that while there is risk in doing so, there is certainly opportunity too.  Africa’s potential largely lay in its absolute wealth of natural resources; however there are many industries that are taking the forefront in terms of piquing of international investors’ interest. Unsurprisingly at this stage, in terms of the rankings based […]

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