A 2021 TikTok Recap


A 2021 TikTok Recap

For those who have found TikTok to be your main social ‘bae’, or at the very least the host of your social media escapism these past two years (or more perhaps), you will most likely already know who the top or most popular content creators are, and why. However, if like some of us, you have also been hibernating and avoiding TikTok because you are concerned that you will fall completely down the TikTok rabbit hole and never emerge, never fear as the video-focussed social media network has just released its top creators for the year. This list also factors in what the app qualifies or defines as ‘breakthrough’ creators or stars. The list […]

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Omicron – what we know so far and what you need to know


Omicron – what we know so far and what you need to know

Now we all know that this was not how anyone wanted to learn the Greek alphabet (if you wanted to learn it at all that is), however it seems that as long as COVID-19 continues to mutate, the more familiar with the Greek lettering system we are likely to become. The latest letter and corresponding variant to land on our radar is Omicron – one of 2021’s top mispronounced words too. To recap how we got here, the World Health Organisation, in consultation with some of the world’s leading health regulatory authorities; decided that for public consumption it makes sense to have names that are […]

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Everlasting energy?


Everlasting energy?

Ever scroll through your Instagram stories and watch the 5am clubbers who have already had a run, a workout, and a coffee and seemingly solved the world’s problems all before you’ve wiped the sleep out of your eyes and rolled out of bed? Ever wondered – how do they do it and what they must take in order to resemble Energizer bunnies? There are many people who fall on either side of the energy ‘have and have-nots’ spectrum, and some who straddle both and take turns being an early riser or an over sleeper – which may people would attribute to lifestyle and energy levels, which to be fair often impact one another too. Everything we […]

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