Biobots – a feat in bioelectric coding & more


Biobots – a feat in bioelectric coding & more

Biobots are by definition “hybrid machines that have muscles and nerves”. Biobots are an exciting, more recent development as they have numerous potential applications in the medical and environmental fields, with one idea being that biobots will be utilised to carry out specified tasks and explorations within the human body. Many universities have been actively researching and developing multiple forms of biobots in order to explore their potential of successfully carrying out the intended theorised use cases. In 2019 researchers at the University of Illinois developed “soft, biological robotic devices that are self-driven using light-stimulated neuromuscular tissue and have intelligence, memory, and learning ability. The work brings researchers a […]

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Is South Africa ready for the eMobility movement?


Is South Africa ready for the eMobility movement?

Electric vehicles (EVs) and modes of transport have been in existence since the late 1800s. However understandably this was a rudimentary and crude example of what the modern day versions would come to look like. It is hard to identify exactly who was responsible for the first ever electric vehicle due to the fact that there were a number of electric vehicle pioneers worldwide all trying their hand at producing a successful model in and around the 19th century. Some historians believe that Robert Anderson should be credited for this, as he created his version of an electric vehicle between 1832 and 1839. Outside of Robert Anderson, Hungarian engineer Anyos […]

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Flu or Corona? Now you can have ‘flurona’


Flu or Corona? Now you can have ‘flurona’

A new year has begun, and our third year as part of the Corona virus pandemic. It has been a long and tough three years filled with much uncertainty and seemingly endless new COVID-19 variants. We ended 2021 with the contentious discovery of the Omicron variant which was first identified in South Africa. The reason it was contentious was due to the fact that South African scientists and epidemiologists alerted the world to the discovery of the new variant, not one that necessarily originated in the country but just discovered there – and the world in turn responded by red-listing South Africa and blocking travel to and from the country. […]

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