5 Areas of Study Where You’re Guaranteed a Job in the Future

Schumpeter’s theory of creative destruction is more relevant today than ever before, with technology and a changing environment set to render a number of traditional careers redundant. However, although the destruction of the commercial viability of certain jobs is inevitable, other careers are set to step into the breach and flourish in the new job market. Bearing this in mind, students should invest in areas that are suited to the job market of the future:

1) Water

With water already growing increasingly scarce due to pollution and extreme droughts arising from global warming, the issue of water is only set to become more and more prominent. Whether it be exploiting this limited natural resource or defending it, experts in the field will inevitably be required on both sides of the divide.

2) Renewable Energy

The simple fact of the matter is that fossil fuels are unsustainable in both a commercial and environmental sense, with renewable energy sources becoming increasingly popular around the world. There is still staggering potential for growth within this sector as new research and technological innovations make renewable energy sources cheaper and more efficient with each passing year.

3) Food Science

As the world’s population continues to burgeon, the question of just how everyone is going to be fed is growing more pertinent. Unsurprisingly, research into food science and general poverty alleviation is increasingly in demand.

4) Programming

Smart technology and robots are set to eliminate many menial jobs currently done by humans, however, someone has to create and maintain this technology. So, although technology will lead to job losses in some sectors, others are only set for growth.

5) Medicine

The increase in the world’s population combined with growing bacterial immunity to antibiotics means that the status of medical professionals is set to jump from essential to indispensable. As such, research into new medical techniques is likely to prove especially lucrative.

A postgraduate degree at Vaal University of Technology represents the ideal opportunity to gain the essential skills needed to secure employment in the job market of the future. If you are interested in continuing your academic development it is definitely worth looking at the academic programmes we offer. Alternatively, feel free to contact us with any other questions you may have.