5 Ways To Make Friends In Uni!

We thought we’d compile a short list of ways you can get in touch with some of the guys and gals around you in varsity. As a research faculty we’ve been around campuses enough to realise how isolated a student or researcher can feel when he/she is not socialising, and before you say ‘hey, this has nothing to do with research and academics’, think again. Depression and anxiety, exacerbated by student isolation, is one of the reasons why students flop, especially when a student is conducting postgraduate research. So instead of throwing on the earphones and playing Kendrick Lamar all alone in your digs, get to know some of the people around you. Here are our 5 ways to make friends in uni:

1. Get Out Your Room! 

This is the best advice we can give you with regards to making friends in and around university. Why don’t you leave your room or the library? Leave your studies and your research, even if it’s for only 30 minutes, and walk around campus. Tell yourself to engage in conversation at least once, and learn the name of a complete stranger. Chances are they’ll be giving you a smile and a wave the very next time you see them.

2. Get Out Your Room, Even If You Don’t Stay On Campus! 

Students living elsewhere shouldn’t use this as an excuse not to roam around campus making friends. Think about all the 40-something uncles looking through the gates of university campus wishing they could have a chance at chilling over a Zamalek with some students. Don’t be that guy, neh. Again, leave your books at home, go to campus, follow the sound of music and get to know some other students.

3. University Isn’t All About Sex 

This is also very important. Don’t confuse university culture as one big swingers club. Ladies and gents: get to know people around you, especially those of the opposite sex, as every relationship may assist you in your endeavours to pass your undergraduate or research degree with flying colours. Foster those opportunities to create educational and social forums and study groups. Yes, you can even study over a couple of drinks (although this is highly unrecommended).

4. You’re Ready To Socialise Just The Way You Are 

Ladies, forget about the weave. Guys, flip-flops are just as acceptable as a pair of Nike Airs. Don’t ever think you have to get yourself in a certain frame of mind before socialising with strangers or friends on campus. Sometimes your most dowdy clothing lets other people around you know that you are completely comfortable with yourself, and therefore easier to talk to.

5. Clubs & Groups Aren’t Lame 

So your university hosts a Pokemon Go club? Don’t roll your eyes, marra! You may think a particular social club is lame, but the students that socialise over a particular activity are likely to support each other emotionally regarding studies. The Kaizer Chiefs fan club, Bible club or cycling group are the best options for introverted students. They often get you involved in an activity you enjoy, help you socialise with people who share similar interests, whom will offer you much-needed support during the most trying academic times.

Lift your head from your books for a brief moment, get involved in the social atmosphere at uni, and you’ll probably find a friend for life.