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The Research Department’s Vision and Mission

Our mission is to produce top quality employable graduates who can make an impact to society by:

  • Adopting cutting edge technology and teaching methods;
  • Producing a scholarly environment conducive to learning and innovation; and
  • Developing a PQM that meets the needs of society in Africa and beyond.
The Research Department’s Vision and Mission

“We are a University that leads in innovative knowledge and quality technology education”

The vision for research at VUT follows from the institutional vision and is as follows:

“We undertake research that impacts on people’s daily lives.”

The mission for research at VUT is as follows:

Our mission for research is to strengthen research in key societal strategic areas which cut across the following broad themes:

  • Sustainable livelihoods / development / economic growth / entrepreneurship
  • Energy / renewable / alternative
  • Environment / green / sustainability /management
  • Technological growth and modernisation of Industry and management / appropriate solutions / innovation / manufacturing
  • Human capacity development / education / skills development
  • Effective citizenship / humanity in context / nation building / new societal integration / innovative partnerships / globalisation
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