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Doctoral / PhD

As admission requirements, a candidate must normally possess a Master degree with a substantial research component. In some disciplines further research training or the completion of a preliminary coursework program in research preparation may be required.


To be eligible for consideration for admission to the MTech an applicant must normally possess a B-Tech degree or and Honours degree with an average pass percentage of 60% from a recognised university or another tertiary institution. A course in Research Methodology must be completed or other evidence of research ability must be produced. In some disciplines further research training or the completion of a preliminary coursework program in research preparation may be required.

VUT Admission Requirements

Research degree programs provide a unique opportunity to follow a specific interest in an area of research, to focus on this for several years and make an important contribution to the development of new knowledge in society.

In addition to academic qualifications, the following admission criteria also need to be satisfied before a recommendation for admission can be made

  • the proposed topic must be appropriate for a higher degree research and be consistent with the academic aims and objectives of the student
  • the student must be able to have access to the necessary resources and facilities and budget  in order to complete the degree within the necessary timeframe
  • there must be qualified staff member holding confirmed, continuing or fixed-term appointments of sufficient length for the purposes of supervision available to supervise the proposed research
  • the proposed program of work must be able to be completed within the maximum period of submission for the degree
  • a suitable level of contact with the University supervisors must be able to be maintained
  • where the applicant is in employment, capacity to meet the timelines and other requirements of candidature must be considered
  • the proposed research does not reproduce research that has previously been submitted for the award of a degree or diploma
  • where the intellectual property rights of the applicant may be a consideration, a suitable agreement protecting the rights of the student must have been signed. Should a student be unwilling to sign an agreement, the research proposal may not be approved and the student may be required to choose another topic in an area which is not commercially sensitive
  • the applicant should have no outstanding financial obligation with the University and in the case of an international applicant should be able to verify the necessary financial capacity to undertake the program
  • the applicant must possess sufficient English language proficiency.
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