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Reaching Out – Effective Citizenship in Action



Reaching Out – Effective Citizenship in Action

As a student or academic researcher, it is often easy to focus only on the work at hand and ignore the world moving around you. However, every now and again a tragedy will occur that will bring one’s civic duty into stark focus.

One such example arose out of the ravaging fire that struck Imizamo Yethu township, Hout Bay on the 12th of March. As the blaze swept through the township, consuming home after home, the Imizamo Yethu community and the general public at large came together to produce a shining example of what it means to be an effective citizen.

What is Effective Citizenship?

The creation of strong, altruistic communities is necessary for […]

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What is Human Capacity Development and Why is it Important?



What is human capacity development and why is it important

Human capacity development can be defined as the process of systematically upskilling individuals in order to benefit society as a whole. This is accomplished as, once a person has been trained and educated, they move out into their respective society and create economic, social and institutional value.

In the context of South Africa, human capacity development is fundamentally important given the past social and economic injustices that served to systematically exclude vast swathes of the population from engaging in and contributing to society. This meant that millions of individuals were deprived of essential skills leading to the severe underdevelopment of key institutions and networks seen within the country today. […]

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How Humans Began Cooking



How Humans Began Cooking

This is quite an interesting topic. Do you know that humans are the only animals that consistently cook their foods? This characteristic is inherent in every culture all over the world, from the most developed country in Scandinavia to the most primitive tribes deep in the Amazon rainforest. But when was this trend developed, and why have humans gone from eating raw produce to studying food and beverage management in universities like VUT? Let’s take a look at food sciences and the evolution of food for humanity.

When did we start cooking food?

Scientists have been battling with this question for many years, and while there may be early evidence of a few early hominids cooking […]

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Best South African Restaurants (According To Eat Out Magazine)


Best South African Restaurants (According To Eat Out Magazine)

We understand that there are a lot of Food & Beverage Management, Food Service Management as well as Tourism & Hospitality researchers studying at VUT, so we thought this’d be a little interesting for ya’ll!

If you want to sample flavours from the best restaurants in South Africa, here’s a few of last year’s category winners according to Eat Out Magazine and Mercedes Benz South Africa. Maybe you can grab a few tips from how they plate up, style or manage their restaurants.

Restaurant of the Year

Cape Town seems to be the foodie capital of South Africa, but that’s no surprise considering the amazing restaurants that dot the Mother City and […]

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What Makes a Great Creative Director?



What makes a great creative director?

Many students at VUT are lucky enough to be studying a research degree in the arts. From Hospitality to Multimedia we offer a number of courses that gets researchers’ creative juices flowing. Many students of the arts will enter the field expecting to create, invent and discover, helping businesses achieve in the way of new grounds and development.

However, through years of experience, some will become Creative Directors. This position involves overseeing the creative process from start to finish in any number of fields where a creative collaboration of people is necessary for the end product. The job requires hard work, inventiveness, a keen eye for innovation and the ability to carry projects […]

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