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Is Global Basic Income Possible?


Is Global Basic Income Possible?

There’s been a theory flying around the financial and economic world that may affect all of our futures and careers if practiced. It is called the Helicopter Money Theory, and it goes something like this; there’s a little town with a steadily growing population, and while the local money press keeps printing money, there are not enough notes to finance the town’s population’s demands. As the growing population requires more consumer goods (that manufacturers continue producing) the population is eventually starved of financing their habits. Rising inflation due to continued demand eventually prevents the people from spending money.

This ultimately results in manufacturers losing profit and raising prices to cover costs. The town is incapable […]

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How To Be An Empowering Manager


How to be an empowering manager

Not everyone can run a business, or at least manage a particular division within an organisation. But if you’re reading this you’re most likely a student (who is standing in good stead to attain a management position in future) or even a business management student (who will most definitely manage employees and be responsible for company assets in future), and will therefore require the skills necessary to be an empowering manager.

All managers who are good at their jobs are likely to empower both themselves and their staff. Luckily, this skill can be learned and improved. Here’s a few steps you can take as a future manager to become empowering.

The first job is […]

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