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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Dropping Out


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Dropping Out

We’re well past the midyear point, and with the second-semester heating up a lot of students both undergrad and postgrad are feeling the pressure and stresses associated with their degrees. Whether the workload is too heavy, or you are struggling to grasp the concepts within a particular field of study, those of you that are struggling may begin to wonder whether dropping out of university is a possible solution. Before you do anything as rash as quitting your studies, take a look at these three questions you should ask yourself.

1) Have I Made My Studies Any Easier?

Many postgraduate researchers believe that they are capable of completing a rather tedious and […]

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Is There A Need For Venture Creation In Universities?


Higher education graduates the world over are feeling the pinch once entering the job market after receiving their degrees. Often graduates find that their areas of expertise are somewhat too specialised, or impractical for real-world application. This is an undeniable problem that both universities, as well as academic communities, need to grasp. Is there a need for entrepreneurship courses or venture creation for young people in universities? And if so, how would organisations foster an academic programme to facilitate entrepreneurship?

Adapting To Society’s Needs 

Entrepreneurship courses, or venture creation, are studies that are designed to assist and facilitate advancement toward a particular vocation and practical career for the student. In the modern age there is a severe lack of employment, so […]

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What’s Stopping International Students From Studying In SA?


What’s Stopping International Students From Studying In SA?

Any international student studying in South Africa will know just how difficult the journey was to actually be able to sit in a South African lecture room. As the most academically advanced country in the Sub-Saharan region, it comes as no surprise that our country attracts such a large gathering of youths desperate to attain a recognised degree from an internationally esteemed university. There are actually a number of benefits associated with hosting international students, as an increase of students from across the globe helps stretch an academic institution’s influence. But why is South Africa such an incredibly difficult country to study in if you are, indeed, from elsewhere in […]

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Creating An Outstanding Research Team


Creating An Outstanding Research Team

Plenty of postgraduate research requires teams of researchers. Often the case study is too large, or there is too much quantitative research to carry out, preventing the individual from doing the work on her/his own. However, there are often difficulties that arise as a result of working in research teams. Miscommunication, overlapping research, and disassociation between studies are some of the problems that occur when a research team works together. Creating a strong research team requires hard work and discipline among team members, but there are other ways of ensuring that the research team functions well.

Emotional Drive 

Studies by a number of professors have revealed that an emotional element is required within a research […]

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3 Ways In Which The Modern Employer Hires


3 Ways In Which The Modern Employer Hires

Studying a postgraduate degree often means that in the next few years you’ll likely be on the job search looking for employment. Unless you’re an academic for life; then you’re forgiven. So, with regards to your prospective job search, we thought we’d give you a heads up regarding the new techniques used by businesses to find interns or fill a company’s vacancy. Who knows; those post-grad business students might learn a thing or two from this blog too!

Multiple Channels 

The important thing to remember is that potential employers aren’t looking for new staff through a single channel. They’re targeting their efforts across a number of platforms. Don’t worry about traditional methods […]

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How To Be A Confident Researcher


How To Be A Confident Researcher

Confidence is never really taught to any of us. It is always assumed that we know how to be confident. Before walking into an interview for a new position or walking into a test venue to write an exam, we’re always told by our peers and mentors “be confident”. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of becoming a more confident person. Confidence is definitely a result of years of morale-affecting circumstances and situations that either make a person more positive about a situation, and therefore more likely to expose these emotions to the people around them, or increasingly negative.

Our definition of confidence is that it is a positive mood development that occurs […]

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