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Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences

Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences

A postgraduate degree for a course within the Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences will allow the student to conduct innovative research within a number of specialized fields. Our team of dedicated staff members are committed to providing excellence in teaching, research and community engagement. The Faculty is comprised of six excellent departments and these large and diverse departments welcome applications for postgraduate study from people from SADC, the AU community and all overseas countries. Our courses are constantly recognized amongst the best in South Africa and this is something that we are very proud of. We strive to continue to uphold our exceptional reputation and to always offer our students the best possible education we can provide.

The Faculty of Applied and Computer Science offers the following Masters and Doctorate courses:

Students with a Masters Degree in Information Technology will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to conduct and assist with all IT associated activities and developments, while a Masters in Office Management and Technology will allow students to specialize in successfully running a corporate office suite. A Masters Degrees in Chemistry and Biotechnology will place the student at the forefront of scientific research with an emphasis on sustainability and societal benefits. A Doctorate Degree is the highest possible level of qualification in the intended field and is a powerful acknowledgement of the student’s hard work, discipline, and knowledge of the subject. Achieving this degree is a great achievement for a student.

The courses within our faculty offer the student the chance to conduct innovative and dynamic research that, through the cooperation between the student, university and governmental or research institution, could provide the necessary changes to our modern society and improve the communities around us. Our graduates can be found in all walks of industrial, community, professional and business life. The courses for this faculty are split into both Masters and Doctorate postgraduate degrees.

Faculty of Applied And Computer Sciences Degrees

We offer a wide range of postgraduate science degrees.

The minimum required time to complete the course will be one year and the maximum time will be 4 years for Masters and 5 years for Doctorate studies.

All of our programmes at VUT Research are underpinned by research informed evidence drawn from the work of our own staff and industry. Our qualifications are also informed using the experience of our dedicated academic staff which means that what our students learn is something that will relate to real life situations and that can be used in day-to-day life. VUT Research is committed to ensuring that our students have a satisfying experience studying in this Faculty of Applied And Computer Sciences, and we want to encourage a lifelong passion for ideas, discovery and learning, as well as the ability to work independently and in collaboration with others. We encourage intellectual integrity and curiosity as we believe these are keys to succeeding and helping to create a better world.

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