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Faculty of Human Sciences

Faculty of Human Sciences

The Faculty of Human Sciences offers postgraduate courses to students who are seeking to extend their humanities studies and specialize in a chosen field within this subject. The social sciences cover a range of different fields that make up our communal and interconnected societies. Amidst the ongoing international campaign to gain credibility within the Humanities, the Faculty of Human Sciences at VUT Research has managed to position itself as a credible and prosperous academic institution of choice for students who want to pursue a qualification and career within this field. This Faculty is committed to the development, education and empowerment of the communities around us through the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources within the fields of Visual Arts and Design, Hospitality, Public Relations, Tourism, Education, Communication and Legal Services.

The studies of human sciences can help students think creatively and analytically. Creative thinking helps them to achieve their goals that may have otherwise been unattainable when using standard methods and practices, while analytical thinking improves the student’s capability to reach logical conclusions. Our courses at VUT Research are designed so that students have the best opportunity of finding employment after their studies, and that they gain skills that they can use to serve themselves and their communities well.

Faculty of Human Sciences Degrees

We offer a wide range of postgraduate humanity degrees.

The minimum required time to complete the course will be one year and the maximum time will be 4 years for Masters and 5 years for Doctorate studies.

The Vaal University of Technology Research offers the following Masters and Doctorate courses within the Faculty of Human Sciences:

Postgraduate degrees in Ceramic Design, Fine Art, Photography and Fashion stimulate growth and foster knowledge in the fields of aesthetic and practical arts, while Graphic Design and Multimedia encourage the digital application of art into marketing practices. Our Management courses, with an emphasis on hospitality, help students gain skills that will help them adapt to work within any field of management that they choose to go into. These courses will further advance the student’s academic qualifications and personal skills to the optimum point in their chosen field of study. We receive international support and recognition of research done by the Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods, which make this Faculty an excellent research and knowledge partner for postgraduate students. Let your creativity guide you and follow your passion when choosing a course and career for yourself. VUT Research will be behind you the entire way.

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