STIAS Fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis. Applications for fellowships of one academic semester, approximately mid-January to mid-June (first semester); or mid-July to mid-December (second semester) may be submitted via e-mail at any time in advance of announced deadlines. Selection is generally concluded 10 months in advance of the proposed period of residence.

For the 2024 academic year the upcoming deadlines for applications are:

  • 1st Call: 30 November 2022 for fellowships during the first semester of 2024
  • 2nd Call: 30 April 2023 for fellowships during the second semester of 2024

STIAS Fellowships cover the costs of travelling to Stellenbosch and local transfers, housing in comfortable accommodation near the institute and the town centre, use of an office and other facilities at the Wallenberg Research Centre (including a lunch served to all fellows on weekdays), and a stipend to cover day-to-day living costs while in Stellenbosch.

Fellows conduct their own research as proposed in their applications in conditions that promote creativity and innovation. This means that while they are in residence in the company of like-minded experts and in a serene environment for concentrated research, their work is aimed at developing their own scholarly expertise, profile, and networks, and by extension that of their home institutions. STIAS facilitates contact with local research environments in view of networking and collaboration where so requested.

We have over the years witnessed how the contacts made among members of a cohort have remained with the individual fellows, sharing opportunities, and developing joint research projects. STIAS firmly believes in the place and contribution of Africa’s best scholars in co-producing new knowledge and insight. In so doing it encourages the “cross-pollination of ideas” across cultures, academic and otherwise.

We look forward to hosting researchers from your universities at STIAS in future. Please find enclosed the latest call for applications, which can be accessed on our website at

We also encourage your top early career scholars to consider applying for the prestigious Iso Lomso Fellowship, for which the next deadline is 15 February 2023. The current Iso Lomso call is also enclosed for your further dissemination.

For any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me or STIAS Fellowship Administrator Ms Gudrun Schirge at


STIAS Fellowships – call for applications 2024

Iso Lomso call for applications 2023

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