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Innovative Product Development and Advanced Manufacturing Technology in South Africa

The Innovative Product Development and Advanced Manufacturing research focus area includes the technology, tools, procedures and work organisation used for the increased efficiency in industrial product development processes. Our research is focused on the use of Additive Manufacturing platforms which will increase efficiency in product development processes.

We investigate key factors for competitive industrial product development and innovation by using tools and procedures, as well as organisational co-operation and parallel processes. This holistic approach includes the integration of all relevant aspects of product development processes.

A Long History of Collaboration with the Innovative Product Development and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Department

We have an excellent history of collaboration with industry, national and international academia and participation in Government Flagship programs. Our long history with government programmes also provides sufficient expertise and an established track record in obtaining triple helix-based research and support grants.

Implementation of our strategies includes concepts such as integrated product design, manufacturing and support processes. This will help to reduce development cycle times and improved product quality and value.

Dr. Joe Molete
Executive Director:
 Technology Transfer and Innovation
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Ms. Rynette Coetzer
Senior Administrator: 
Tel: (016) 930 5015

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