Application Guide

Infrastructure Grants

National Equipment Programme (NEP) – 2021 Funding – Framework and Funding Guide

Institutional Grants

SARChI University Co-funded Chairs – 2021 Funding – Framework and Funding Guide

International Research Grants

Africa-Japan Collaborative Research (AJ-CORE) – 2021 Funding – Joint Application Form
Africa-Japan Collaborative Research (AJ-CORE) Call for Proposals – 2021 Funding Framework
NRF/FAPESP (Brazil) Joint Science and Technology Research Collaboration – 2021 Funding Framework
NRF/NSF (USA) Joint Research Programme on Dimensions of Biodiversity – 2021 Funding Framework
SA/China Joint Research Programme – 2021 Funding Framework
SA/France (PROTEA) Call for Joint Proposals – 2021 Funding Framework

Non-funding Opportunities

Call for Institutions to Host Graduate Interns in 2021

Research Grants

African Coelacanth Ecosystem Programme (ACEP) – 2021 Funding – Framework and Funding Guide
Black Academics Advancement Programme (BAAP) – 2021 Application Guide
Black Academics Advancement Programme (BAAP) – 2021 Funding Framework
Competitive Programme for Rated Researchers (CPRR) – 2021 Funding Framework
Competitive Support for Unrated Researchers (CSUR) – 2021 Funding Framework
FBIP Small Grants 2020 Funding – Framework and Funding Guide
FBIP Small Grants 2020 Funding – Application Instructions
Global Change Social Sciences Research Programme – 2021 Funding – Framework and Funding Guide
SA National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) – 2021 Funding Framework
SANAP – DEA Costing Model for Projects
SANAP – South African Marine and Antarctic Research Strategy
SANAP – The South African Antarctic and Southern Ocean Research Plan
Support for Y-rated Researchers – 2021 Funding Framework
Thuthuka – 2021 Funding – Application Guide
Thuthuka – 2021 Funding – Institutional Support Form
Thuthuka – 2021 Funding Framework

Travel, Training and Conference Grants

DSI-NRF Conference Fund – 2021 Funding Guide
European Research Council (ERC) Mobility – 2021 Funding Framework
European Research Council (ERC) Mobility – List of Partners (Annexure A)

The above bursaries will be payable as soon as the student’s research proposal has been approved at our Higher Degree Committee meeting, and all our prerequisites have been met.

International Students

Students who hold a joint appointment at a South African (SA) and a foreign institution and are actively involved in research capacity building in South Africa are eligible for a Research and Innovation Support and Advancement (RISA) research grant. This is on the basis that they are employed by the South African institution in a full-time capacity for a period of at least 6 months per annum. They also need to spend at least 6 months per annum in South Africa.

For other internationally and externally funded postgraduate bursaries offered throughout the year, please continue to check this page.

Kindly complete the application forms below and attach certified copies of the necessary documents and forward these to our office. We will inform you as soon as possible if your application is successful.

National Research Foundation Grant Award

One of our postgraduate bursaries available

The National Research Foundation (NRF) makes funds available to support free-standing Masters and Doctoral candidates for the academic year. This is done through a competitive selection process to choose the most deserving candidate. This funding instrument makes funds available to support students who are pursuing part-time as well as full-time Masters and Doctoral studies. The NRF aims to promote and support research through funding, human resource development and the provision of the research facilities in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development. The NRF primarily supports research-intensive institutions that are conducting basic of applied research of a pre-competitive nature, that will benefit the long-term knowledge base. The institutions must be committed to human resource capacity development which includes equity and redress. The institutions are supported by the NRF through its funding instruments and rating programmes.

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