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Plant Molecular Genetics & Biotechnology Research Focus Area

The Plant Molecular Genetics / Biotechnology focus area is housed in the Department of Biotechnology and is led by Professor Michael Pillay. Current research topics in these areas revolve around genetic diversity, gene discovery, agricultural and environmental biotechnology. New avenues of research such as proteomics have also been initiated.

The practicality of our research ideas and the availability of basic laboratory equipment have helped to attract students to continue with their postgraduate studies at VUT. The Department of Biotechnology will soon be offering a PhD in Biotechnology, pending final approval from DHET.

Keeping Pace with Changing Research Environments in Plant Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

This focus area uses new equipment to keep pace with the ever changing research environment in plant molecular genetics and biotechnology. This area delves into new research ideas in order to successfully vie for grant applications and attract post graduate students as well as visiting scientists.

The objectives of our focus area remain in developing an internationally recognised research facility in a predominantly black University, which caters for the development of both staff and students. Our staff and students are always working towards becoming competent researchers with a broad range of research techniques.

Prof. Michael Pillay
Tel: +27 16 950 9728

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