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Research Focus Areas

Development in fields ranging from social sustainability to telecommunications and metallurgy to biotechnology all depend on sustained research. Research in defined fields of study allows researchers to focus on particular issues that require problem solving. Research focus areas are composed into research centres where researchers are provided the tools and funds necessary to conduct their studies in order to supplement these research programmes and initiatives. Many of the research centres and initiatives at VUT are externally funded either through the NRF or private organisations and companies.

Impact of Research Focus Areas

Research Focus Areas at the Vaal University of Technology pinpoint South African, African and the global south issues, developing and improving on the research made by others working in similar fields. VUT focusses on areas that will positively benefit from the research made by our students and researchers. Ultimately the aim is to alleviate or respond to the challenges experienced in the developing world. All the work done by our researchers and students is gathered and stored in VUT’s repositories and archives.

Take a look at some of the research focus areas and research institutions run by the researchers, coordinators and students at the Vaal University of Technology.

Centre of Sustainable Livelihoods

The Centre of Sustainable Livelihoods is a postgraduate research centre with the following vision: to use research as a tool aiming to reduce poverty, household food insecurity and malnutrition in Africa.

Centre for Alternative Energy

The TELKOM Centre of Excellence, which is industry-sponsored, focuses mainly on the telecommunications industry. The CoE forms a very important part of the research at VUT.

Innovative Product Development and Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Innovative Product Development and Advanced Manufacturing include technology, tools, procedures and work organisation for increased efficiency in industrial product development processes.

Materials and Minerals Technology

The aim of the Materials and Minerals Technology research focus area has always been to build research capacity covering a broad spectrum of materials science and technology.

Plant Molecular Genetics/Biotechnology

The Plant Molecular Genetics / Biotechnology focus area is housed in the Department of Biotechnology and is led by Professor Michael Pillay.

Centre for Renewable Energy and Water

The grand global challenges of our time include access to clean water, global warming, affordable energy and food security.

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