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VUT’s Research Focus Areas

Development in particular fields depends on research that is sustained.

Development in fields ranging from social sustainability to telecommunications and metallurgy to biotechnology all depend on sustained research. Research in defined fields of study allows researchers to focus on particular issues that require problem-solving. Research focus areas are composed of research centres where researchers are provided with the tools and funds necessary to conduct their studies in order to supplement these research programmes and initiatives. Many of the research centres and initiatives at VUT are externally funded either through the NRF or private organisations and companies.

Take a look at some of the research focus areas and research institutions run by the researchers, coordinators and students at the Vaal University of Technology.

VUT Focus Areas

Research Focus Areas at the Vaal University of Technology pinpoint South African, African and the global south issues, developing and improving the research made by others working in similar fields. VUT focusses on areas that will positively benefit from the research made by our students and researchers. Ultimately the aim is to alleviate or respond to the challenges experienced in the developing world. All the work done by our researchers and students is gathered and stored in VUT’s repositories and archives.

Research Capacity Development Programmes

The workshops covered interactive methods of inquiry, concept analysis & historical analysis, alternative methods of data collection
The workshops covered basic introduction, basic qualitative research, introduction to mixed methods, implementation & return on investment
 The workshop takes the participants on a journey from the inception of the problem, the research design, the interview protocol, the collection of the data, the analysis of the data and the display and presentation of the findings. Reading material on the most current trends in qualitative research will be distributed amongst the participants
 To guide researchers in completing grant/funding proposals
 To support researchers in achieving accredited research outputs, for example, publishing articles in journals or research reports for qualification. Faculty customised workshops are presented to address specific contexts and needs.

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