Internal Funding:

We have the following internal research funding options available to you;

Research funding is available from a number of sources. Our postgraduate students can find both internal and external sources of funding to assist them with their studies. No matter the source, it is imperative to consult the relevant funder’s guidelines when submitting a proposal.  All applications must be submitted to the Research Directorate via the relevant Faculty Research Committee for processing before sending to the funding source.  The Research Directorate has an internal closing date for many of the external grants.

  • Executive Director of Research – The Executive Director of research is responsible for the strategic planning of research and to ensure its culmination into commercial products and opportunites. This includes:
    – Partners development
    – Stimulation of innovative research
    – Research capacity of new and existing staff
    – Developing appropriate structures, systems and policies for research with innovative potential.
    – Postgraduates and student support development.
  • Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee – The main functions of the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee is to initiate, co-ordinate and evaluate research, as well as to encourage the publication of results.
  • The Senate Research Committee – The Senate Research Committee is a sub-committee of Senate tasked to stimulate a research, technology transfer and innovation culture, monitor the activities and research output targets in the university.
  • Faculty Research Committee – Research within faculties is managed by a faculty research committee or departmental research committee in the case of bureau’s or centres. The objective of this research committee is to support research at faculty/departmental level.

All university research funding applications to be considered by the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee have to be submitted to the research directorate via the relevant Faculty Research Committee prior to being submitted to the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee.

  • Non-academic staff members must submit their funding application forms to the relevant Faculty Research & Innovation Committee before submitting them to the Executive Committee of the Senate Research & Innovation Committee. If such funding applications lie outside the areas of specialization offered at the institution, such applications can be considered on an ad hoc basis by the Executive Director: Research. In such cases, feedback will be provided on the outcome of the process by the Research Directorate to the applicant/s.
  • In as far as decisions are taken by the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee if such decisions need to be reviewed this has to be brought to the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee.
  • The stimulation funds allocated to Faculties on an annual basis will be reviewed annually by the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee. Faculties are required to report annually to the Executive Senate Research & Innovation Committee on their utilization of these funds.

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