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The POSTGRADUATE INDUCTION PROGRAMME is compulsory to all new/first year postgraduate students.

“Support to grow into Postgraduate Work”

The objective of the Postgraduate Induction Programme is to ensure that all Faculty of  Management Sciences postgraduate students receive optimal support in their journey from the initiation until the completion of their postgraduate studies. If VUT, and in particular, the Faculty of Management Sciences were to excel in its service to postgraduate students through support in ways that demonstrate the institution’s ability to increase its postgraduate student numbers both at intake and output levels, such an intervention becomes a necessity.

Programme Outcomes

By the end of this programme every student should:

  • understand the research process and the rules that guide it at VUT
  • be able to engage in ethical behavior while conducting research
  • Be able to communicate (orally and in writing)
  • have an overview the research process and the various outputs such as problem statement, literature review, research question, a sufficient understanding of the major paradigms of qualitative and quantitative research in order to develop a proposal.
  • have  identified a topic and prepared a research proposal
  • be able to communicate the innovative and entrepreneurial dimensions and potential of the project
  • be able to utilize appropriate technology in conducting research
  • be able to apply methodological principles, concepts, and techniques to address “real life” problems—to think/analyze critically


Because of the design of the programme, regular, productive attendance is the best way to learn. Much of the information required to prepare an acceptable proposal is available only in class, so it is compulsory that you attend and take thorough notes. Chronic absence will severely limit your learning and hurt your performance in this programme. You are always responsible for anything covered or introduced during presentations.

Any student having less than 70% attendance at the programme will not receive any further support from the Faculty and the Postgraduate Office. Thus, a supervisor will not be appointed to assist you in your studies.

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