VUT achieves 2nd Runner up at National Three Minute Thesis Competition

VUT is delighted to announce the second runner up Immaculate Linda Achieng’ Ouma from the Faculty of Applied and Computer Sciences.

Her thesis title is:

Preparation and characterization of manganese doped iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles coated pine cone powder and its applications in water treatment

Her future plans are:

Work as an academic to help students develop their knowledge of science and provide solutions to environmental problems through science.

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is an academic competition developed by the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, and has since developed into a national competition across Australia. The concept has grown exponentially since its launch and has been adopted in 18 countries outside Australia. Participants are given three minutes to explain the essence of their research. The presentation should cover their research problem, how they tackle it and why it matters. Participants are allowed one static visual aid – for instance a PowerPoint slide, or a photograph.

The Three Minute Thesis competition develops academic, presentation and research communication skills and supports the development of research students’ capacity to effectively explain their research in language appropriate to a non-specialist audience. Besides being great fun, the value of the 3MT competition lies in how it obliges participants to elucidate with precision several of the key dimensions of a thesis – a type of clarity that many postgraduates find difficult to attain. Additionally, it gives the opportunity for postgraduates across the country to interact with their peers from other institutions. Students can enter in a STEM Sciences or Humanities/Social Sciences stream.

To align this years’ 3MT competition with the international standards, the competition was only  open to registered PhD students at accredited South African Universities. The national competition featured PhD students from 7 universities in 4 provinces.

Well Done!