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What is business management all about, and how do I study it?

The Vaal University of Technology strives to offer its students a diverse range of postgraduate courses and degrees that encourage, nurture and stimulate intellectual engagement and personal growth, with a strong focus on research and community service. The Faculty of Management Sciences specialises in equipping students with the necessary skills to work within businesses effectively and allows them to ask the pertinent questions, namely: ‘What is business management all about and how can I apply it to my chosen work environment?’ VUT’s postgraduate degrees in management sciences all encompass aspects of business management that are adaptive across multiple fields of study and work.

What is business management all about, and how can it be applied in the corporate environment?

At the Vaal University of Technology, studying towards a Masters’ degree in Business Administration and Management ensures that the student develops the leadership skills required for use within the corporate sphere by providing them with real-life examples of what business management is all about. They will be able to apply the versatile fundamentals of business management in any situation and cope with the demands and time constraints of the corporate environment. A Masters’ Degree in Business Administration is designed for a career in corporate leadership, but is certainly not limited to it; managerial degrees can offer opportunities in almost any industry sector. By understanding and critically engaging in any of the following management courses: Business Administration, Human Resources, Labour Relations, Logistics, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and more, the student is able to think constructively and provide the necessary solutions to any business management conundrum.

What is business management all about as a postgraduate degree?

The Vaal University of Technology’s Master’s Degrees in management are aimed at assisting the student to excel in their chosen profession whether it requires tactical business administration in an office environment or a crucial understanding of a company network to in order to handle employment-related situations. A Masters’ Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain management ensures that the student is adept at directing the flow of resources, while the Marketing students know how to sell their product and the Cost & Management Accounting graduates know the value of it. Each degree is tailored in its field to endow the student with all the answers to the underlying question of what is business management all about? For more information or queries regarding the postgraduate courses available at the Vaal University of Technology, contact us or visit our Admissions Requirements webpage.


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