What makes a great creative director?

Many students at VUT are lucky enough to be studying a research degree in the arts. From Hospitality to Multimedia we offer a number of courses that gets researchers’ creative juices flowing. Many students of the arts will enter the field expecting to create, invent and discover, helping businesses achieve in the way of new grounds and development.

However, through years of experience, some will become Creative Directors. This position involves overseeing the creative process from start to finish in any number of fields where a creative collaboration of people is necessary for the end product. The job requires hard work, inventiveness, a keen eye for innovation and the ability to carry projects forward from start to finish. Some of you will be eyeing the job description and making this a career goal, but what else makes a great creative director?

Realising It’s Not All Art

The minute you become a director or a manager for a team of creatives you must realise that there will be less creative input from yourself. You’re going to be packaging the work of those around you, so don’t expect to be developing as much as you’ve been used to.

Creative Directing Is Managing

There needs to be a set of standards that you set as a creative director. The work submitted by those in your creative team has to be of a required level. Unfortunately, management also means you are responsible for the hired talent. If somebody is slowing the team down, they may need to move on. Similarly, don’t hesitate to hire creative and hard-working individuals, even if you think that their creative brilliance far surpasses your own. They’ll just make the team stronger and this will be an excellent display of your own abilities.

Your Opinion Matters Most

Although you may not be designing, writing, scripting, shooting and developing in the creative process just as much as you’re used to, you are still afforded the chance to assist the team where it counts. Do some creative work where you can, and when it will have the most impact. The best thing about being the creative director is that you get to decide which product works best for the campaign or product.

You Give the Team the Edge

What does ‘the edge’ entail? Well, the creative director can make those decisions that change great work into outstanding work. Consider a fantastic project, analyse the process and the end product, and identify where you can make improvements, no matter how small. Also, take the blame for failures. A team respects a responsible leader. Give your employees the space they need to remain creative, create healthy competition, but don’t overwork employees either.

These are just a few ways in which you can become a great Creative Director when you get the chance. Take note: we said ‘when’ not ‘if’. All the students at VUT-Research have the opportunity, the tenacity and the know-how to become great and aspiring leaders in future.

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